Founder Kristi Hemmer’s muse is to create chemical reactions within an individual and collective: a catalyst.  She believes that by inspiring changemakers to be unapologetic, they will disrupt the systems of power and create a more equal and safer world for women and girls.

As an educator for more than 20 years, she saw firsthand  girls/women shrink in a classroom, a community, and worldwide; it made her mad enough to quit her six-figure job, travel the world learning about social entrepreneurship and the GIRLeffect, and start her own social enterprise: AWE (Academy for Women’s Empoerment). Ironically in the process, she realized her eight-year old dream of being an author (Quit Being So Good), being President (of her own company), and starting her own school (Academy for Women’s Empowerment).

When Kristi is not coaching women, writing, or teaching, she is spreading good around the world out of her medium sized, black, The North Face duffle bag. She has been to all seven continents and 65 countries.

Kristi Hemmer has her M.Ed. in counseling, over 20 years in education as a teacher (preK- college), counselor, and principal, and her coaching certification from an ICF certified program.

See how Kristi realized her eight-year-old dream. It only took 42 years.

Kristi, age 4

First Day of School-Kindergarten. Kristi knew right away, she wanted to be a teacher. And she’s always had an infinity for pink.

Kristi, age 8

Third Grade School Picture. This is when Kristi wrote “Funny Boy on the Block” and decided she wanted to be President, own her own school, and publish a book that would be looked up in the card catalogue.

Kristi, age 12

Eighth Grade School Picture. Kristi was on an award-winning Future Problem Solver Team of America. She’s been solving problems ever since. Including, “Why do girls and women shrink-in a classroom, a boardroom, and conversation?

Age 19

In college, Kristi was told by one male professor that women couldn’t lead and by another male professor she was too smart to be a teacher . So she co-led the Challenge of Teaching Conference and became a teacher. Once a teacher. Always a teacher.

Kristi, age 21

After graduating with her B.A. with a double major in early childhood and elementary education, Kristi moved to Texas. This is her first class; she is still in touch with several students.

Age 28

Became an Auntie for the first time. It’s her favorite title ever. She feels she’s not only an auntie to four young women and one young man; she is an Auntie to hundreds around the world.

Age 30

After earning her M.Ed. at the University of Houston the year earlier, she did her first international school role as MS Counselor in Jakarta. She learned to play golf, so she would never be excluded from important business meetings.  Living overseas inspired her to take a gap year and travel the world solo out of a backpack.

Age 36

After quitting her job as an Elementary Principal at an all-girls school, Kristi took another year off to travel on $20 a day and write “BE: a year of Being.” She was able to live on $20 a day in Australia by being a cleaning lady in hostels in exchange for accommodation and meals. One day she may publish her book.

Age 40

After quitting her job in Tokyo, Kristi celebrated her 40th birthday. She lived on $20 a day out of a backpack. That one year turned into four years. The MOXIEon pose was born on this trip.

Age 43

After traveling almost four years out of a backpack around the world, Kristi was inspired by young women starting businesses to solve a social problems and founded Academy for Women’s Empowerment.

Age 45

Kristi and her partner Michael attend an ACDC concert. They are still together.  #mensupportingwomen

Age 50

Kristi realizes her eight-year old dream and publishes her first book, Quit Being So Good.