Academy For Women’s Empowerment

Why do women and girls shrink in a classroom, a boardroom, and a conversation? As a teacher, counselor, and principal for over twenty years, this big question made Kristi Hemmer, M.Ed. mad enough to quit her six-figure life in Tokyo in 2010 to answer the question and solve the problem. She spent four years traveling the world out of a medium sized duffle bag living on $20 a day learning about young women who were solving social questions with businesses; in the process of learning about social entrepreneurship from Esther in Singapore, Lauren in Costa Rica, and Madi in the USA, Kristi founded her own social enterprise-Academy for Women’s Empowerment (AWE) in 2013.

Over seven years later and thousands of lives changed, The Academy is part of the Collective that will focus on education.

Individual and Group Coaching (virtually).

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Transforming the changemaking P*course (power, potential, possible) into an individual and group online experience. Coming May 2021.

Leveraging the power of Kristi’s book Quit Being So Good in education: professional development for educators, a textbook for high schools/universities/community colleges, and a tool to help parents navigate raising not only girls but boys too.