I’m on #onehappyisland where it is sunny, 85, and everything feels Insta worthy.  But I felt funky. Down. Out of sorts. I even canceled my therapy session.

My therapist’s response, “Ok. Rest up and feel better! Day after Solstice is a day of releasing what no longer serves.” Inspired by her words, I took out my journal and wrote “Releasing what no longer serves me” at the top.  My MOXIEmoment is embracing my funk, listening to it, and then learning to release it. This ritual reminds me of Johnny’s last words of advice to me, “Sis, relax. Breathe. Be cool. Cool as a cucumber.”

I made my list of “things that no longer serve me” and took it a step further; I thanked them. In my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training, I learned to thank the challenge, visualize releasing it, and physically anchoring it in deep gratitude. When I did this, it gave instant relief-I felt lighter and more focused. When I read it out loud, I cried. Tears that told me how strong I really am. I’m sharing a partial list below in hopes it may help you too.

My 2022 “Releasing what no longer serves me” list.  

  1. The misogynist relationships that I felt I had to maintain for peace. Thank You misogynist relationships for reminding me how important my work is to not only the people I serve but also those I love. Misogyny happens everywhere-even in families.
  2. My anxiety. Thank You anxiety for showing me what’s important to me and for helping me understand that I am not in control of the world. Also, for forcing me to look for the helpers, to ask for help, and then to accept it.
  3. The extra weight. Thank you extra weight for protecting me during COVID, giving me an extra layer of protection in the unthinkable grief and loss of 2021, and for encouraging me to join a wellness club that focuses on community, inclusion, and connection-not just how I look. The JCC also has a sauna and steam room for those really cold winter days in MN (see #4). Minnesota Jewish Community Center, Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN (minnesotajcc.org)
  4. Winter in MN. Danki (thank you in Aruba) winter in MN for reminding me how the sun, travel, and connecting with the world are not wants, but needs. I am grateful I booked seven weeks in Aruba and look forward to planning my international book tour next winter: Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Australia, and wherever else I’m invited to share my book.
  5. The good client that doesn’t need me anymore. Thank you good client for not needing me anymore and for showing me the value I add, how much I am worth, and the impact I can have. And thank you for reminding me that Academy for Women’s Empowerment’s goal is to not be needed anymore. To be like Mary Poppins and move onto another business/school/family that needs me.

After creating my list, I thanked my therapist for the reminder about the power of the solstice. She suggested a mini-ritual. She said, “Rituals work on the limbic part of the brain which is beyond our conscious awareness.” She suggested writing down what I wanted to release (already did that) and then burn the paper.

I didn’t think my Airbnb would appreciate the open flame, so I visualized them burning instead. All of them burning. And I integrated the NLP tool of anchoring it physically-I tapped the word OUTDREAM on my bracelet. As anxiety or winter or misogyny tries to derail me in 2023, I will tap the word (or my wrist if I’m not wearing my bracelet) to remind me that I’ve already released those things.

After releasing all of that junk, I feel so much lighter, joyful, and ready for 2023. And it feels like a good year to “be cool as a cucumber.”

What will you release in 2022, so you’re ready to MOXIE in 2023? What ritual will you create to embody the release? And how will you remind yourself?  Comment below! 

Happy Releasing! In LOVE and MOXIE,  Kristi

  1. In Aruba, they do their own releasing ritual: pagara. A pagara is hundreds of firecrackers (think red Black Cats). Businesses light theirs during the day and locals at their homes after the countdown to cleanse the prior year and welcome the New Year with a fresh start.

PPS. As many of you know, my own ritual is WORDup. Stay tuned for my next blog and dates for the annual WORDup session.

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    1. Robin January 1, 2023 at 2:36 pm - Reply

      Just like writing down one’s goals, it makes sense to write down what we are ready to release. Good idea, Kristi!

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