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210, 2023

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

By |October 2nd, 2023|Categories: Moxie Moments|0 Comments

As an empath, I feel things. Deeply. Especially pushes and pulls. This week, I was feeling restless.  My therapist said that it made sense with the Harvest Moon approaching. “It feels like things are ending,” I said. My therapist replied, “Yes AND beginning too.” She mentioned it’s a good time for new beginnings, to release what isn’t serving me, and for rituals. I love rituals-they are celebrations of hard work, a way to honor and thank my growth, and fun! My therapist suggested I write a list of ends and burn them. The Linda Hemmer rule of open flame (my [...]

2908, 2023

Come On Barbie-Let’s Go Bust Double Binds

By |August 29th, 2023|Categories: Moxie Moments|0 Comments

When I first heard a Barbie movie was coming, I groaned. As a woman, don’t we already have so many impossible things to do in the world? Becoming Barbie seemed like another. And then I saw that Greta Gerwig was directing and producing it. I admired her work and was curious how Gerwig would make Barbie empowering. I marked the release date on my calendar-July 2023. . . . Two weeks after its premier, my friend Maria and I plopped into our seats near the front (because the theater was almost sold out even two weeks in), and a seven [...]

2104, 2023

March Madness of the MOXIE kind

By |April 21st, 2023|Categories: Moxie Moments|0 Comments

I remember as a little girl filling out “The Bracket” with my dad in hopes of winning some money for a neon yellow skateboard. I didn’t watch any of the basketball games, but I did win some money for my skateboard. This year, I watched more basketball than I have my entire life. One reason is because I’ve been working with female collegiate athletes, and I wanted to see my athletes play. Another reason is being an Iowa girl, I was keen to watch the three Iowa teams who made it to The Bracket: Iowa State, Iowa, and Drake. Next [...]

703, 2023


By |March 7th, 2023|Categories: Moxie Moments|1 Comment

Last week, I was at a local community college celebrating International Women’s Day when I overheard three Gen Zers’s conversation. Gen Z man-looks around at all the purple signs, stickers, and booths celebrating #iwd2023, “When is it my day?” he asked. Gen Z woman, “Every other day,” she replied. Well-said. And my MOXIEmoment: International Women’s Day. What does #EmbraceEquity (the 2023 theme of International Women’s Day) really mean to me? Right now, it means four things. Pay equity: getting paid what you’re worth. I remember sharing the stat that 85% of women make less than men with the same title, [...]

1601, 2023

WORDup, it’s your code word for 2023

By |January 16th, 2023|Categories: Moxie Moments|2 Comments

“Word up, it's the code word No matter where you say it You'll know that you'll be heard.” Cameo, 1986 It's unbelievable how this is my tenth year of choosing words v resolutions. In 2014, I was in Singapore with a new business and new partner-my word was #possibilities. This year, my WORDup is #outdream . At first, my word got pushback from others (which I value). It was seen as competitive (I am), it was seen as impossible (it's not), and there was fear that I wouldn't be able to do it (I can). I saw this quote from [...]

2812, 2022

Release What No Longer Serves You

By |December 28th, 2022|Categories: Moxie Moments|1 Comment

I’m on #onehappyisland where it is sunny, 85, and everything feels Insta worthy.  But I felt funky. Down. Out of sorts. I even canceled my therapy session. My therapist’s response, “Ok. Rest up and feel better! Day after Solstice is a day of releasing what no longer serves.” Inspired by her words, I took out my journal and wrote “Releasing what no longer serves me” at the top.  My MOXIEmoment is embracing my funk, listening to it, and then learning to release it. This ritual reminds me of Johnny’s last words of advice to me, “Sis, relax. Breathe. Be cool. [...]

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