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909, 2022

Liza’s Light

By |September 9th, 2022|Categories: Quit Being So Good|1 Comment

I tap my FitBit, scroll until I find walk, and hit go.  I need a walk. I just drove three hours and had crap sleep again. Maybe tonight I need to take two melatonin gummies? I need the sun, the walking meditation, and to figure out how to instill hope to female faculty/staff in a country that is attacking women daily: Roe v Wade, maternal deaths, suppressed voting rights, and murdering women for being female. As I take my first steps onto the trail, I walk by a group of young men gathered in a circle. I think, “If they [...]

2608, 2022

Center Yourself.

By |August 26th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|1 Comment

White caps are spilling over the bow of our aluminum canoe onto my hot pink waterproof sandals. Fear rises like the water in our boat; we are novices navigating the Boundary Waters in its fury. TT at the stern yells, “Center yourself!” She’s twenty-one, and her wisdom rips through the gust. I take a deep breath, squint into the wind, and dig into the wave. This is my MOXIEmoment. Paddling the Boundary Waters with five Gen Z women for a week of Super-Moons, loon spottings, fresh blueberries, YWCA yoga, and watching for bears as you pee. It’s a week of [...]

2907, 2022

Remember Your Roots.

By |July 29th, 2022|Categories: Travel|0 Comments

When I was eight (before confidence peaks for girls in America), I declared I was going to be President, own a school, publish a book like Judy Blume, and circumnavigate the world like Magellan. Ok, I probably didn’t say circumnavigate-but I knew I wanted to see King Tut, the Panama Canal, and travel like Magellan. Next week, I go back to “my roots” where Little Kristi made this declaration-Dubuque, Iowa. “Remembering my roots” is this week’s MOXIEmoment. I’ll be on the main stage at the Dubuque Women’s Leadership Network’s conference wearing my “Remember your roots” tshirt-made by a Dubuque and [...]

607, 2021

Welcome to MOXIEmoments.

By |July 6th, 2021|Categories: Content Marketing|0 Comments

Bienvenidos! Selemat Datang! Saibaidee! Welcome to MOXIEmoments with Kristi Hemmer. It’s like Deep Thoughts but MOXIER. It’s a pause: to celebrate, to share what you’re proud of, to reflect on what took guts (MOXIE) to do/say, and to share something you’re excited about. And the research shows, it’s good for the brain. I’ve been doing MOXIEmoments for the past eight years (before I knew it was good for the brain) and what I’ve found is it quickly builds trust, inspires vulnerability, and illustrates the humanity in all of us. MOXIEmoments show what matters-individually and collectively. For me, the past year has been one of awakening. Awakening the [...]

2901, 2021

Kickstarter Campaign

By |January 29th, 2021|Categories: Quit Being So Good|Comments Off on Kickstarter Campaign

March 3, 2021-April 1, 2021 As a public benefit corporation, Kristi and Academy for Women’s Empowerment, SBC are excited to partner with another public benefit corporation, Kickstarter. Like us, Kickstarter is committed to “fight inequality.” Let’s Kickstart MOXIE. Our campaign is in the que to be approved and will launch immediately there after. Crossing our fingers, March 2nd. Check it out, Back us, Share with your friends, Follow us in the journey, and Spread MOXIE. View On Kickstarter Embrace MOXIE, reclaim your dream, and Kickstart a world that is safer and more equal for [...]

2901, 2021


By |January 29th, 2021|Categories: Quit Being So Good|Comments Off on MOXIE ON Tour

2022 Unapologetic Tour: International Women’s Day edition Kristi is joining amazing venues to share Joy and Spread MOXIE with her beloved Iowa to honor International Women’s Day. Starting in Cedar Falls, joining female athletes at her alma mater UNI. Then Kristi will be speaking, leading POWERsessions and more in several open events where you may joing and follow along! Dubuque, Bellevue, Lansing .. and more, here we go! Let's welcome Spring of 2022 with MOXIE! Find your closest event's details, times and venues by clicking the button below: Join Kristi at en event Travel [...]


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