“When I grow up, I want to be the first woman president, create my own school, and be an author.”

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The Book.

Have you been talked over? Had your ideas and hard work credited to somebody else? Been excluded from the golf game, the happy hour, and the meeting where decisions are made that impact your future? Have you been told, “You’re too much.” “You’re intimidating.” “You’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings.” “QUIT BEING SO GOOD.” Author, Social Entrepreneur, Sojourner Kristi Hemmer, M.Ed. sees you. 

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month, and Mother’s Day, Quit Being So Good is fifteen stories from the frontlines of being female. It is a call to be unapologetic. And it is three steps be more confident, embrace your MOXIE (guts), and model #womensupportingwomen, because the world needs our leadership now more than ever.

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Praise for Quit Being So Good in anticipation of launch: IWD2021.

“If it’s moxie you’re looking for, Kristi Hemmer’s new book has plenty of it!  With humor, candor and a distinctive approach, Hemmer provides suggestions for how you can get your needs met unapologetically.”  Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

“In ‘Quit Being So Good,’ Kristi Hemmer shows girls and women they can find the deepest fulfillment from growing to become more of themselves, not shrinking to be less of who they are. It leaves you inspired, resolved and ready to use your power for good in your own life, and in the lives of others.” Emily Yellin, journalist and author.

“Hemmer’s personal anecdotes and expansive life view provide a courageous and unapologetic roadmap for women and girls everywhere.” Romy Newman, President and Co-Founder of Fairygodboss


The Quit Being So Good Talk 60-120 minutes.

Take a trip with Kristi Hemmer, M. Ed. to your eight-year-old self.  A time before confidence peaks for girls in America. Before you were told and taught to Quit Being So Good. Explore stories and the three things that Kristi learned from her eight-year-old self, traveling 65 countries on $20 a day solo, and working with thousands of women and girls for the past 30 years. What wisdom does your inner little girl have for you? What are three things she would want you to be doing that you’ve lost on the way to “doing it all?” Write that letter. Lastly, anchor your experience with a copy of Quit Being So Good to remind you (and other women and girls in your life) to be unapologetic. Includes: PREwork, customized session, Impact Report, and consults with Kristi the whole process. ADDon:  Q/A with Kristi and copies of book.

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Book Clubs.

The Quit Being So Good Party: Not your average Book Club session. 60-90 minutes. 

An interactive, social connectedness-focused conversation led by Kristi focusing on one chapter of the book like “Get on the roof; others will follow,” “Don’t (let girls) quit,” “Wonder Woman is not real” and twelve others to choose from. Or choose to focus on the book’s overall themes: being unapologetic, embracing your MOXIE, and women supporting women. Or discuss the three steps (that some say could dismantle patriarchy) 1. Take up space.  2. Be first.  3. Look for the helpers. Consult and customize with Kristi to create the “just right” experience for you and your team.  Includes: PREwork, customized session, Impact Report, and consults with Kristi the whole process. ADDon:  Q/A with Kristi and copies of book.

Quit Being So Good Club: Not your average Book Club series. 3-12 months of 60-90 minute sessions.

A cohort of women focused on changing a system. Monthly, come together and explore the barriers, solutions, and MOXIE from each chapter as related to your experience-individually and collectively. And then MOXIEon-make change. Because as Margaret Mead says, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world; indeed, t’s the only thing that ever has.” Includes: PREwork, customized session, Impact Report, copies of book, and consults with Kristi the whole process.

Next. Contact Kristi to set up a Rehearse for Success consultation where we will identify/define objectives, timeline, expectations, customizations, budget, investment process, and more!

In Gratitude. Thankyou for partnering with Kristi Hemmer and Academy for Women’s Empowerment. We wouldn’t be able to inspire Changemakers to disrupt systems of power and create a more equitable and safer world for women (and girls) without YOU!

Let’s MOXIE this. Kristi

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