In the past, I was a Presidential voter.  I made sure I voted for President no matter where I was in the world-including Tokyo and while living out of a backpack.  I was proud of myself for doing my civic American duty.

Now, I have a deeper appreciation of the value of my vote, and I vote during Midterms too-especially during Midterms. This year, I blocked two hours in my calendar, put the address of my voting center into my phone, and put my voting card in my wallet to make sure I was ready to vote on November 8th.

That night, I watched the news as votes across the country and the state came across the screen. In my core, I felt a deep responsibility to what the U.N. calls the #futureofwork-the future societies of the world.

This is my MOXIEmoment. Voting. And with voting, I felt a gratitude to my ancestors-of the related and not related kind. Toni Morrison said, “Our ancestors are an ever-widening circle of hope.”

Hope. I am grateful for all the women who widen my circle of hope.

  1. Dr Lois Frankel. Reading her book Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office inspired the POWERcourse. When I reached out to her on LinkedIN, she replied and made time for me to interview her. AND when I finished the interview, she asked, “Would you like me to review your book, Quit Being So Good?” I asked her what inspired her generosity, and she said, “I remember all the people who didn’t help me out along the way. I will not be one of them.” Thankyou Dr. Lois for showing me how to pull other women up.
  2. RBG. As an American woman, I’m able to own a home and have access to my own money because of RBG. She paved the way for the Equal Credit Opportunity Act which allowed women in 1974 to apply for credit cards and mortgages without a male co-signer. I was four when the law passed, which means my mom wasn’t able to have her own credit card or have her name on our mortgage without my dad until then. Thankyou RBG for economic freedom, which is also key to the physical, emotional, and financial safety of all women
  3. Gloria. When I was doing a session on Hope for women at a big institution, I thought, “How do I teach hope when women’s rights are being attacked and taken away?” Thankfully, I asked myself a powerful question. “What would Gloria do?” I read Gloria Steinem’s reaction to world events. She said, “Hope is a form of planning. If you don’t have hope, you’ve given up.” Gulp. I will not give up. Thankyou Gloria for reminding me to keep going.
  4. Patsy Mink and Billie Jean King. Patsy Mink and Billie Jean helped make 37 words protect the rights and lives of American women today and 50 years ago with Title IX. “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” My mom wasn’t allowed to play sports in high school. Because of Patsy and Billie Jean, I played tennis in high school and college. And if you’re not sure if sports matter, 94% of C-suite women are athletes. Thankyou Patsy and Billie Jean for giving spaces for women to be ambitious, competitive, and learn how to lead. PS. Title IX is also the law that protects women from harassment and abuse on campus.
  5. My mom. I remember my mom making sure she had access to our family car to vote. She would dress up, put on makeup, and do her hair to vote. It was a big deal. It still is. I also remember my mom staying up all night when I was in high school, so I could turn my paper in on time for Speech Class. I would handwrite the paper, hand it to my mom, and she would type it on our electric typewriter. Even back then, I liked to write and use my words to make a difference.  Thank You Mom for showing me that my voice matters.

What ancestors widened your circle of hope? How will you show gratitude for your “ancestors?” How will you use Hope as a tool for planning?  Comment below! 

In Love, Gratitude, and Moxie,  Kristi

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    1. Linda Hemmer November 29, 2022 at 5:00 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your kind words about me, Kristi. My Mom, Grandma Bernie, was my role model. She endured much hardship and loss in her life. Her determination, perseverance, strength and trust in God carried her through.

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