2022 Unapologetic Tour: International Women’s Day edition

Kristi is joining amazing venues to share Joy and Spread MOXIE with her beloved Iowa to honor International Women’s Day.

  • Starting in Cedar Falls, joining female athletes at her alma mater UNI.
  • Then Kristi will be speaking, leading POWERsessions and more in several open events where you may joing and follow along!
  • Dubuque, Bellevue, Lansing .. and more, here we go! Let’s welcome Spring of 2022 with MOXIE!

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Travel in time with us below!

Check how the 2021 tour began:

2021 MOXIE ON TOUR: Are You Packed?

For Summer of 2021, Kristi is looking at a Midwest Tour. She’s not into composting her own poo or solar showers (she’s done both many times before), so will stay with friends and family along the way. A modified #vanlife. Living in MN and growing up in IA, starting with the Midwest makes sense.

Ready, Set, MOXIE!

  • Launching with a parking lot party at the end of May in Minneapolis and heading to her hometown of Dubuque, IA, she will make stops in Iowa like Cedar Falls where UNI (her alma mater) is and other small towns along the way.
  • Next, the Chicago area because she is a Cubs fan, the First Women’s Bank, and one of the original MOXIE MAKER is there.
  • Then, Detroit because she loves The Lip Bar and the founders and knows lots of good innovation is happening there.
  • Heading south to Nashville to visit Becca Stevens at Thistle Farms and another original MOXIE MAKER.
  • Houston because her sister lives there, she lived there eight years, and she can stop by and say “howdy” to Brene Brown at her alma mater-University of Houston.
  • Austin because her niece goes to college there, the Kendra Scott Institute is there, and there’s lots of changemaking women businesses and friends to visit.
  • Swing around to Memphis because she attended Leadership Academy there and hopes for a reunion with her classmates and the original MOXIE MAKERS.
  • Kansas City because all her college friends moved south, and she misses them.
  • Some small town in South Dakota because that’s where her parents and her niece live.
  • And why not North Dakota? Fargo has some really cool innovation going on.

Enroute to these destinations, Kristi will stop and throw QBSG parties at friend’s houses, speak at universities and corporations, support local women-owned businesses, and spread MOXIE!

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