Kristi’s vision is to inspire changemakers to be unapologetic and disrupt systems of power to create a safer and more equitable world for women and girls.

  • As an educator, she not only knows how to customize content to your organization’s goals and audience, but also how to teach it in an engaging, interactive way that creates change.

  • As a counselor (M.Ed.), she knows how to create a safe space for change to happen-right now.

  • As a businesswoman, Kristi focuses on ROI, Acumen, and Leading with Empathy to create a work culture of belonging.

  • As a social entrepreneur, she creates win-win-wins: a win for the client, a win for Kristi’s purpose,  and a win for the collective as a whole.

  • As a world traveler to over 65 countries, Kristi understands humans and not only the universal needs but the differences too.

Companies/Organizations Kristi has worked with


Ms. Hemmer truly saved my life

with her support during some of toughest mental health battles in middle school. More recently, she’s helped me feel confident in my decision to be a stay-at-home-mom and helps me remember that my value isn’t determined by what others perceive.

Kourtney, 24, KY, Stay at home mom/ Master's in Public Health/ Future Teacher AND Micah, 2, KY.

Kristi’s energy and enthusiasm

are infectious and her deep subject matter expertise and personal experiences combine to provide an impactful learning experience. For a group of relatively privileged, middle aged men seeking to understand how to do better, Kristi created an environment in which we could be authentic, vulnerable and truly understand how we might actually be getting in the way of the women we had intended to accelerate into leadership roles within our firm.

Cam, 50, From Hong Kong, Grew up in Australia, Managing Director, Head of Human Resources, APAC

Kristi introduced me to a new way of thinking. 

She challenged me to think about purpose and intention.  When I was selected for a special assignment at work she would ask “why do think they chose you?” which forced me to really see and articulate my value. 

Robin, age 51, MN, SVP | Sr. Risk Director | Consumer and Business Banking Risk Mgmt

AWE Inspired me to start my own business.

So far, I am working on 2 projects one in Uganda and one in the US. Seeing and working with Kristi gave me the belief and self-confidence that I too could put a dent in the universe and make my mark. 

Leah, 31, From MN, Grew up in Uganda. Customer Success Manager