Research shows that boys are raised to be brave-girls are raised to be perfect. Bottom line: boys are raised to be POSSIBLE-girls to be IMPOSSIBLE.

Ignited, Kristi has asked girls/women, When did you start trying to be perfect? The stories are impactful, powerful, and tragic.

This interactive Keynote and/or POWERshop not only shares the facts and the stories but inspires women to ask themselves What is MY operating system? and What would be different if I operated from Brave not Perfect? then to take action to STOP being perfect and to be more authentically you.

More BRAVE (or insert your own word)____________.

In this POWERshop, you will…

1. Understand the difference between sustaining, sponsoring and mentoring and why it matters.

2. Discuss the POWER of sponsoring/sustaining personally and professionally.

3. Apply the framework to you and your spheres of influence.

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