Watch what these AWEsome ladies have to say about the AWE experience!

Through Kristi’s guidance…

…I’ve not only noticed myself become more aware of my power, potential & possibility, but my boss even had tangible evidence of my growth too. AWE helped me identify and play up my strengths, stretch goals and stick to them.


I realized how important it is to support other women through this wonderful class. What an amazing experience to grow with other women; using our strengths and conquering our weaknesses. I had more personal growth in 90 days with Kristi than I ever thought possible!


Working with Kristi

and the rest of my AWE group has given me the confidence I need to take a huge next step, and also the backbone I need to feel like I’m not alone doing so. I am so honored to be surrounded by such an inspiring and diverse group of women, who I know are always available when I need them.


Kristi is a wonderful coach…

…who has an ability to really listen and get to the root of what you are trying to say. Her input allowed me to focus in on the areas of my life that I can improve and gave me the encouragement and confidence to make it happen! I really enjoyed meeting and interacting the other young women in the group and was inspired by their stories.


Make Those Dreams Reality

When I attended the first meeting of The Academy for Women’s Empowerment (AWE), I had big dreams and a whole lot of fears. AWE provided me with a group of like-minded and inspirational women, an outlet to share ideas, and the support needed to ditch the fears and make those dreams reality.


Empowering to Me as a Woman

The Academy class was very empowering to me as a woman. I got to hear about women issues and statistics and what could be done on an individual basis to change the numbers.I was able to learn a lot about myself and I received important helpful feedback from Kristi and my fellow classmates. I also enjoyed the field trips!!!

Leah N.

AWE was exactly what I needed…

…at the time to find focus and feel some momentum. Kristi brought a great group of women together that were very different but could all relate to each other on a deep level.

This group was safe and powerful and it was great to connect with others while working on myself!.

Leah A.