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Welcome to MOXIEmoments with Kristi Hemmer. It’s like Deep Thoughts but not as random. And it’s unapologetically female. It’s a pause. To celebrate. To share what you’re proud of, what took guts, or what you’re excited about. To connect. To be more of you-not less. And research shows, it’s good for the brain.

I’ve been doing MOXIEmoments for the past seven years (before I knew it was good for the brain) and what I’ve found is it quickly builds trust, inspires vulnerability, and illustrates the humanity in all of us. MOXIEmoments show what matters-individually and collectively.

As I embark on the first MOXIEon tour, I invite you to follow my MOXIEmoments weekly blog. My plan is to write and share on Sunday evenings, because as a teacher that’s when I did all my planning for the week and still do as a social entrepreneur. And of course, the first one is on a Tuesday because who likes to follow rules?

Not only would I love for you to follow along, I hope you will comment with your own MOXIEmoments and ask others for theirs. Now, without further ado…my first MOXIEmoment blog.


MOXIEmoment #1.

In my (first) book Quit Being So Good, Step #3 is Look for the Helpers. I didn’t know then how pivotal Look for the Helpers would be in publishing the book, the Kickstarter, and the MOXIEon tour. Look for the Helpers has been so critical to my success that I am using it as a metric for my MOXIEon tour. Yesterday, I climbed into the clean MOXIEmobile that is filled with premium gas gifted from my partner Michael and headed out to see my dear friend from graduate school Angela in Des Moines. Right now (and the tour hasn’t even officially begun) I’m at around 400 people/acts that made the MOXIEon possible.

Here are some of the numbers so far. 234 Backers on Kickstarter. 1 overnight shipping of a toiletry bag left on the bathroom vanity (thankyou Michael) 5 Hotel stays. 1 google form.  1 Facial. 1 premium car wash. 1 premium gas tank fill. 2 gift cards. 5+ MOXIEon home parties (so far). 10+ community MOXIEtalks (so far). SO many shares on social media. I know, I should track them. But I don’t do “shoulds.” 🙂 Countless of people who have trusted me with their networks. Friends of friends of friends who have connected me to a friend of a friend. I will count them.

We are creating a MOXIEr world. A safer world. A more equitable world for women and girls. It’s like a MOXIEmovement. The English teacher and writer in my loves the alliteration. However, it feels bigger than a movement. Perhaps a Revolution?

I’ll leave you with that thought and a poem that spoke to me as a little girl from Shel Silverstein, An Invitation. It starts with…”If you are a dreamer, come in.” And invites others like  “A hope-er. A pray-er. A magic bean buyer…” To me, it felt inclusive. It was a safe place to show up as a reader, a writer, a Hostess Cupcake buyer.” That is what the MOXIEon tour, MOXIEtalks, and MOXIEmoments are all about. A safe space to show up unapologetically.

The Helpers is my MOXIEmoment for this week. What is yours?  Comment please!

PS. Check out this week’s MOXIEon tour stops. Join us or share!

*July 6.  Des Moines, IA   Dress for Success (private event)

*July 7. Cedar Falls, IA

UNI bookstore  (12.00pm-1.00pm open to public) MOXIE Events: Building Confidence in Our Girls with Social Entrepreneur and Author Kristi Hemmer, ’91 | Alumni (

The Edge(5.30pm-7.00pm open to public) MOXIEon2021:a book tour, wine & turning challenges into opportunities Tickets, Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 5:30 PM | Eventbrite

*July 8. Dubuque, IA   MOXIEon home party (private event)

*July 9. Dubuque, IA   Men with MOXIE (private event)

*July 10. Dubuque, IA

MOXIEon home party (private event)

River Lights Bookstore (2.30pm-4.00pm open to public) River Lights Bookstore | Culture, Community, Connectedness ( 



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