As an empath, I feel things. Deeply. Especially pushes and pulls.

This week, I was feeling restless.  My therapist said that it made sense with the Harvest Moon approaching.

“It feels like things are ending,” I said.

My therapist replied, “Yes AND beginning too.”

She mentioned it’s a good time for new beginnings, to release what isn’t serving me, and for rituals. I love rituals-they are celebrations of hard work, a way to honor and thank my growth, and fun!

My therapist suggested I write a list of ends and burn them. The Linda Hemmer rule of open flame (my mom is deathly afraid of fire) is embedded deeply. So, I wrote the list of endings and then lit a candle and visualized them being released into the universe.Then she suggested that I plant seeds for my new beginnings. I worried they wouldn’t grow, and I’d feel like a bad mama. And then I was afraid they would grow, and I wouldn’t take care of them, and they would die. Talk about Double Bind. Geez!

But I did it anyway. I took out the seeds from my brother’s Celebration of Life and released those into my mini garden-along with the overwhelming grief that no longer served me.

My MOXIEmoment is this ritual. Turning ends into beginnings.

Ends into Beginnings. Here are a few things I’m growing this Harvest Moon.

  1. Mourning into honoring. When I sprinkled the seeds from my brother’s Celebration of Life into my mini-garden, I felt relief. And then I read the words on the back of the seed packet, “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near.” I will grow Johnny’s presence not absence.


MOXIEchallenge: What end do you want to grow into a beginning? What loss into an opportunity?

  1. Doing it all myself into Team Kristi. AWE turned ten in September. A question one of my advisors asked was, “Do you want the next ten years to be like the first ten years?”

Sustaining a business through COVID, recessions, anti-DEI legislation, banks collapsing, travel, and inexperience is hard. Especially alone.

The next ten years, I will not do it alone. I will lean on the expertise, generosity, and sponsorship of the world and will hire the acumen I am lacking. Recently, I have hired a new financial team, strategy team, and rebranding team; we will grow my numbers-both financial and impact.

MOXIEchallenge: Who is on your team? And who is not on your team? I have found that letting go of people who no longer serve you allows for exponential growth. Who will you release?

  1. Blogging into a Substack. I am moving from saying I’m a writer to being a writer. This blog on Mailchimp will now be a Substack called Moxie Moments. It will have two newsletters a month with complimentary coaching exercises the other two weeks to help you grow.

Substack is part of my strategic plan-to grow into a writer. It is a platform to make a bigger impact, inspire moxie, challenge how things have always been done, build community, and get paid. Don’t worry-there will always be a FREE version for those who prefer free.

You are part of this BEGINNING! The next Moxie Moments will be from Substack on October 11th. There’s nothing you need to do-but read, share, and grow!

MOXIEchallenge: Where are you not showing up for yourself fully? What is one thing you can do this week to grow your dream?

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s endWhat ENDS will you turn into BEGINNINGS? What ritual will you create to anchor your new beginnings? And how will you grow during this Harvest Moon? Comment below.

See you on Substack. Until then, MOXIEon! Kristi

P.S. Your subscription to this blog will transfer to the FREE version of Substack automatically. However, if you are interested in being a Founding MOXIE Member, hit reply and find out more.

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