March 3, 2021-April 1, 2021

As a public benefit corporation, Kristi and Academy for Women’s Empowerment, SBC are excited to partner with another public benefit corporation, Kickstarter. Like us, Kickstarter is committed to “fight inequality.” Let’s Kickstart MOXIE. Our campaign is in the que to be approved and will launch immediately there after. Crossing our fingers, March 2nd. Check it out, Back us, Share with your friends, Follow us in the journey, and Spread MOXIE.

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Embrace MOXIE, reclaim your dream, and Kickstart a world that is safer and more equal for women and girls here.

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Why do women and girls shrink in a classroom, a boardroom, and a conversation?

After being a teacher, counselor, and principal for over twenty years, this was Kristi Hemmer’s BIG question that launched her social business in September 2013-Academy for Women’s Empowerment-and inspired her to write and now publish her first book-Quit Being So Good -March 2021.

Now, after working with women of high potential as a social entrepreneur in corporations, schools, and organizations that empower women and girls the past seven years, her BIG question is, How do we create a safer and more equitable world for women and maybe even change a generation of women?

Growing up, Kristi fondly remembers the bookmobile (new ideas), the ice cream truck (treats), and the family road trips to visit her grandparents (love).

WaaaLa! MOXIE ON tour was born! It’s part bookmobile, part book tour, and part field trip! Kristi (and virtually you) will travel across the United States (and hopefully world) visiting universities, corporations, chambers, cafes, and women-owned businesses spreading MOXIE with her book, the MOXIE MOBILE, Quit Being So Good parties, and public speaking.

To create a safer and more equitable world for women.


For women ready to break out with abandon and gusto. —LOIS P. FRANKEL, PhD, author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

Hemmer’s personal anecdotes and expansive life view provide a courageous and unapologetic roadmap for women and girls everywhere.” —ROMY NEWMAN, president and cofounder of Fairygodboss

When Kristi Hemmer was eight, she was the Connect Four champ; nobody wanted to play with her. When she was twelve, she was on the Future Problem Solvers of America championship team; people told her that if she was too smart, boys wouldn’t like her. When she was eighteen, her professor told her she was too smart to be a teacher. When she was thirty-three and principal of an all-girls school, a city council member told her she was too young. The underlying message is one that every female of every age is told again and again: You’re too much. Quit being you. You don’t belong.  Quit being so good.

Testimonial : Leah, 31, From MN, Grew up in Uganda. Customer Success Manager

“AWE/Kristi Inspired me to start my own business. So far, I am working on two projects: one in Uganda and one in the US. Seeing and working with Kristi gave me the belief and self-confidence that I too could put a dent in the universe and make my mark.”

Quit Being So Good is a collection of fifteen stories from the frontlines of being female. It is a call to action for women to unapologetically be their most powerful selves for the sake of building a safer, more equitable world. The key to being unapologetic (maybe even dismantling the patriarchy itself) is in these three simple steps. 1. Take up space. 2. Be first. 3. Look for the helpers.

Reading this book will inspire women to be self-assured, to be their “possible,” and to take up the space they need to be more of themselves—not less. And in the process, women will indeed change the world. As Malala says, “You will never know who stands with you if you don’t stand up first.”It’s time to stand up first. To take up space. To put more women in power. To create a safer and more equal world for women and girls. And to MOXIE ON. Join Kristi at


After following #vanlife, watching Tiny Houses on HGTV, and traveling the world out of a duffle bag for four years on twenty dollars a day, Kristi has some experience and ideas.

Depending on the budget, Kristi is considering a Ford Transit Connect XL, Ram 150, or the fancy schmancy Sprinter. Higher roof if possible (she is pretty short at 5’ 4” so may not be necessary).


  • A traveling office. A desk, natural lighting, and quiet space to write and possibly even podcast.
  • Book shelves. Think library wall full of not only Kristi’s book but also books by Roxane Gay, Rebecca Solnit, Gloria Steinem, Meena Harris, and more authors spreading MOXIE-with rip cords so they don’t fall off when traveling down the road.
  • Storage space for all the fun materials and SWAG Kristi will need to speak to schools, corporations, and cafes.
  • Personal storage space for Kristi’s original medium sized duffle bag she took around the world from 2010-2014.


  • A big window to serve books and make connections.
  • A portable patio to interview MOXIE MAKERS and pop-up tiny events.
  • A deck to gaze at the stars, sunbake, and possibly dance if we can figure out how to make it safe (re: insurance).
  • Decorated with words. Lots of words. Kristi is a writer and teacher. And possibly Kristi’s favorite quote.

And if you back this, you’ll get the inside scoop and possibly even help make decisions on the van build out.

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